Add Poetry to Your DT Toolbox!

If you’re interested in adding poetry to your #dramatherapytoolbox, then we have the workshop for you!  Our keynote speaker is leading a workshop on this very topic Friday afternoon (Workshop A1).  Registration is open and there’s only 1 month left for early bird fees!

A Poetry-Based Toolkit for the Drama Therapist

Susana Pendzik, PhD, RDT

Drama therapy is poetically inspired: We choose words for their suggestive resonance, use simile and metaphor as interventions, and draw on poetic resources like word repetition, personification, and oxymoron in dramatization. In this workshop. participants will explore a range of poetry-based techniques that can be applied in drama therapy with individuals and groups.

The Self in Performance

Susana Pendzik (Ph.D., RDT) is Head of the Drama Therapy Graduate Program at Tel Hai Academic College, Israel, lecturing also at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Dramatherapy Institute of Switzerland, and in other institutions in Europe and Latin America. She is accredited by the Association of Creative Arts Therapists in Israel as therapist and supervisor, holds a private practice, and is founder and honorary member of the Swiss Dramatherapy Association. Mother, artist and researcher, Susana is a prolific writer, author of many articles, a book for using action techniques with abused women, co-editor of Assessment in Drama Therapy (2012), and of the recently released The Self in Performance: Autobiographic, self-revelatory, and autoethnographic forms of therapeutic theatre in collaboration with Renee Emunah and David Johnson.


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