Learn About LOC to Enhance Your DT Tools

What is Locus of Control?   How will understanding it help you as a drama therapist?  Attend this pre-conference workshop (Workshop PC 6 from 11-12:30) on Thursday to answer these questions and more!

Changing Locus of Control through Drama Therapy

Through drama therapy techniques participants will learn what Locus of Control is and why it is a valuable therapeutic tool for drama therapy. You will leave the session with your current LOC score and an understanding of how drama therapy can transform external LOC to an internal one.

In essence, our work with all our clients is focused on changing their external locus of control (which tells them they have no control over their lives and must remain victims) to more of an internal locus of control (which tells them they can make positive choices that will change their lives for the better).  If we measure the change — we can prove that drama therapy is an evidence-based practice!

Sally Bailey

Sally Bailey, MFA, MSW, RDT/BCT is Professor of Theatre and Director of the Drama Therapy Program at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. Her book Barrier-Free Theatre was recipient of the American Alliance for Theatre in Education’s 2011 Distinguished Book Award. Previous to K-State she worked for 13 years in the Washington, DC area as a registered drama therapist with recovering addicts and people with disabilities. A past president of the North American Drama Therapy Association, she is a recipient of the Gertrud Schattner Award.


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